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Message: Random Thoughts on Nov 8

Baba, I will name 5 reasons why I tend to agree with your assessment that the ODI excuse is somewhat of a red herring.

Ma Huateng

Jack Ma

Xu Jiayin

Wang Jianlin

Yang Huiyan

A quick search will show that the ODI has never been involved in any foreign transaction conducted by these billionaires. The ODI is a government tool that can be a convenient go to "boogyman" when in reality, other issues are at play. Like you, I had to laugh at the assurance the money is there. OF COURSE it's there, they just have some game plan that requires them to delay giving it up and it's not completely related to the ODI. Progress on the OI platform is an easy speculation, but nobody out here knows for sure. It could be that the PRC has some internal "issue" with someone or something related to China Prosper

One thing is certain, if there is another delay as the November date approaches, then I think likely that Mr. Mika will need to be held to account for failing to disclose information material to shareholders interests

IMO, of course

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