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Message: No questions?

I get the feeling that they just don't care, at this point, to attract any new investment. But, why would they? They have all their plans in place, don't need cash anymore, will have finished and tested product in a short time, have the market have the investment people in place when all is ready.

Share price doesn't matter at all to anyone,( at this point in time,) that are not buying or selling.  Plain and simple all the company needs is a little more time.

So the cc was for our interest and information only. We'll have to churn that over in our own minds as to what we think and are going to do. Really not me though, I'm going to do what I have been doing for the past year or more, wait. It will come and it will come bigtime. The share price will take care of itself.  GLTA,....although I don't think we need luck anymore.. T.     

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