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I'm confused, closerlook.  Are you saying the all caps "PROMOTION" headline posted originally by RTV was a signal that RTV and others were looking to dump stock, so trying to pump the price up? 

Not saying you're right or wrong, but I want to understand your theory better.  I personally think it was FJ's excellent recent posts that may have gotten people to buy, but I don't think he used capital letters - but what he said was pretty emphatic. 

I do agree with one thing, and that is, while this company's stock is traded by mainly members of this board (my theory, no proof), there could be manipulation as posters can reach the "buying" (or "selling" as the case may be) public right here.

I just don't think the stock moves enough for traders to make much, especially with such light volume.  i think after being on the board for all these years and being through so much, many posters do get overly giddy or glum depending on what's going on that day/week. I've long thought that an overly giddy board is the precursor for a drop in price, and that is the case with just about any fairly lightly traded developmental company stock and many that aren't so lightly traded.  But I look at that board-wide, as opposed to an individual or a small group with a nefarious plan. 

The recent volatility was brought on by very good news I think, rather than an initial beat down followed by a pump up.  Were there people that took advantage of the spike last week, absolutely, but it was caused by good news followed by the inevitable, excited posts. 

I sold none, but when it dropped down I did buy a few, and have a low ball offer in for more.  FJ and others may well be wrong about the ultmate success or failure, but I like their side of it, while understanding that no one, not even Suresh, knows for certain.


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