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I really don't think that the use of capitals in the title of a post should mean anything other than personal prefererance on this board.

In the military world there is a high degree of standardisation in NATO regarding format for military writing where, for example, the title of a document is always in capitals for clarity and reference when filing.  In industry companies devise their own 'corporate image' for documents with standard staff writing rules.  

SHOUTING within a post I believe is against Agoracom rules but surely not so in a title as Agoracom itself uses capitals in the it's top banner 'message' format as in this standard page.  Our absent hub leader took me to task on this once due to a complaint from our most frequently banned poster whose original Nom Des Plume escapes me in the myriad of other 'come back kid' titles he uses. I ignored his advice and then changed my mind when feeling guilt wridden and brow bashed.

Please let's not burden ourselves with the notion that the format of onestitles are anything other than the weird and wonderful creation of one man's  (ladies included) individual mind and be scinicaly wary of every single invented title rather than assume it has some weighted investment intent or psychological purpose or convention.  Freedom of speech rules OK.

Yes Yes! I know this belongs in off topic but I personally never go there and claim 'old hack' rights.

Begging your pardon Sirs and Mams, with lots of forelock touching.




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