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Message: See you in 2020, the Year of the POET

Jack, in the interest of "free speech" and the inclusion of contrary opinions, I have, to this point. resisted the request to ban you from this board. I have, however, reached the event horizon, that point where the posts are so repetative in nature thst they are no longer beyond the boundaries of the rules that govern this forum.

You have access to all the same information the company issues as the rest of us concerning timelines and milestones. To date, the present management has given no reason to doubt those timeline targets.

There is no vagueness, if you had bothered to actually read the information supplied by the company.

Completion of the platform components by end of 2019 and assembly and qualification of the platform first 1/2 of 2020.

The current SP is the market's voice that it understands these timelines and also the market's wait and see on delivery of the second tranche. All very predictable and on target.

Flogging the "floodgates" statement very clearly indicates an agenda. The use of this figurative imagery during a public forum, which was clearly meant to display enthusiasm about the company's short term potential and not as an indicator of any definitive timeline. The statement itself was political and you are aware of that. Asking others if they have seen indicators of something that can not be clearly defined is a carny barkers shill that points to your agenda rather than honest inquiry.

IMO, of course

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