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Smoke signals is right. At some point the achievements that this company has made will reach a wider audience.

The market often will look at the share price and make a judgment that the company is failing to meet expectation. But the way I view this: The POET share price reflects an opinion that they are not meeting industry relevant expectations. But that is a false indicator of what they have achieved. 

So the question for us is.

Do you feel better about being invested in a company which has done an exceptional job at promoting something that could be marketable?


Would you feel better knowing that the company you invested in has a game changing technology in a vast and growing market but has not been effectively promoted.

A CMOS compatible arrayed waveguide optical filter that now meets CWDM standards in a world where large companies that have worked at it for years have been unable to meet those requirements. This was explained to a small group of shareholders in Toronto and the rest of the world has no idea of the relevance of this achievement other than the Tier 1 Company that is pulling them along and a small handful of people within the industry.

This is truly a remarkable achievement for such a small company. For those who know such as our new president this platform is truly a game changer... I would rather be invested in a company who had something that industry needs and has a big future as opposed to a company that is just built on hopes of a possible solution or one that is doing OK building widgets. 

I continue to pick up a few shares and I truly believe that this company is going to be a very big success and I fully believe we are in a countdown to that day of recognition.  

When  we met with the new president and he told us that the average losses of a silicon photonics optical  engine (the competition)  is  50%. I  think that was news to most of us. POET far exceeds this  and it does it costs that are disruptive. This information will certainly become known to a wider investment community at some point and that some point could happen any day now.


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