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Message: Request for supporters of what Poet is doing

Hello! Seasons Greetings! Yep. Still here but not posting for the most part. The following is my opinion only and I fully stipulate right now that others may feel differently. I have a request for Poet supporters/investors to consider.  When there is a controversial post with an attention grabbing header by someone that you feel has a negative agenda, would it be possible to respond to them (if you are so inclined to respond) with a post starting a separate thread (and one with a non-negative header).  Some of these posts that we see on here stoke fear, in my opinion.  And the posts that have "questions" can take on a life of their own. Responding on the same header gives those kinds of posts too much credence.  Changing the header when you respond would have the effect of burying said posts sooner than later, and it does not plaster the thread with the negative header.  Conversely, the number of folks that respond to those types of posts on the same negative header serves to keep that negativity alive for longer than it deserves to be, again in my opinion. People want free speech. Fine. No need to give them more of a platform (I like that word) than they already have. If you're worried about people understanding whose post you are responding too, I would ask which people? All of the long term folks here pretty much know who those posters are. And any new people here can just wade through to dig out the initial "question" or comment if they really need to.  I think this would be one way that we could not play into any possible negative agendas here. Please note that this is only a request and not meant to impinge on anyone's freedom here. Just my 2 cents.  I hope all of you are having a nice holiday season! Health and well being to all. 

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