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BREAKING: Loop Insights Announces Reseller Partnership And First Sale With Vend, A Global POS Company Used In 25,000 Stores Across 140 Countries

  • Announced the signing of a channel reseller partnership with global cloud-based Point-of-Sale (POS) company, Vend, as well as, the first sale to a Vend client
  • Vend is the first POS built for iOS and is now used in over 25,000 stores across 140 countries
  • Vend’s fast growth and global reach creates opportunities across the world for Loop and its technology in the retail vertical

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Message: Request for supporters of what Poet is doing

Re the 'weeks not quarters' remark.

 My view is, that at the time that remark was made the management team thought that their engagement with a certain potential partner was going to bear fruit but somehow they blew it.  I distinctly remember PC stating how loose tongues were creating problems that he had to work hard at to resolve.  I argued what I thought was a justifiable case for this relationship at the time as there were plenty of clues.  

Mercifully, SV has effectively led us on a journey, not unlike the lost tribes of Israel, to the promised land.  How? He ditched PC and AM from the management team, attracted in more hands-on, optical IC  savvy, experienced directors, a stickler financial controller and some very able scientists at BB in Bill Ring and those inherited from the DenceLight purchase.  This drew a line under the PC strategy of selling Intellectual Property rights and our  quick gain hopes we all had for POET at that point, in favour of building an optical product from the IP gained from the purchase of BB & DL.  This strategy is much more focussed in reality, an actual market, than ever the futuristic vision GaAs presented, a vision that nevertheless was very appealing and still holds promise.

Bravo' SV I say, but some here still used the folly of the previous strategy, owned by PC and AM, to bash SVs team.  They've moved on now by accepting the complete turnaround of his approach and the practical vision for commercial success that SVs team is building. A strategy enforced by the talented new boy.

As an investment in a High Tech Venture Capital enterprise PTK is then about as good as it gets given the shareholder value already built in to the Optical Interposer project and the momentum it has gained towards commercialisation. Shortly, POET should be able to announce its has provided samples for proving to Customer 1, the completion of tranche 2 of 3 of the DL sale and the launch of a sales campaign to other tier one customers having ended the necessary initial focus on customer 1 rather than wider sales opportunities and having the vast benefit of working samples available.  Meanwhile DL in its new Chinese owned format will integrate the OI into its current products and those under development ready for ramp up when the new DL fab is built.

What then is there not to like about investing in POET at current prices in the next six months?

Answer, Well for me and many others the unwanted and avoidable damaging negativity of SP manipulation of PTK by some here, which seem so anti to the intrinsic  DD purpose of this board.  Leaders it's  time to stop the diversionary tactics of some that blights the value of this site.


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