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Message: Request for supporters of what Poet is doing

Techtime, Poet wants to be sure that when they are ready to market, they are actually ready. In the Copetti era, Poet was likely being promoted to draw attention to GaAs. It worked for a while, but then it ran out of gas. There was the accidental presentation leak to a group of private investors in the U.K. (London), rumours of a fruit company coincidentally along with a canceled BNN business channel interview, and the honouring of Dr. Taylor at the Empire Club where he thought Poet would eat others lunch since all roads will lead to Poet. That kind of promotion only fully works when you are ready to deliver in the now.

SV has said that you don't get a second chance to make a good impression. SV has been very guarded of that in my opinion, along with Mr. Mika. Poet went from $2.97 all the way down to around 17.5 cents. The market punished the stock. The uphill climb is hard fought now; but with something real like the OI and likely several customized OI engines to come, Poet has placed itself legimately forward into lucrative global markets. SV can say with much more assuredness, by offering the OI solution to the industry, Poet does have a discrete product  that might fit the billing "all roads lead to Poet". Poet's goal is to be a leader in this endeavour. Aim high, have something of substance that is scalable, create a deep pipeline of sales, and you end up with a real winning stock with legs. Before Poet did not have the legs it thought it had, so it was being promoted with the hope of generating a high interest. No one bit as they knew Poet was not ready for the industry way back in those earlier years before SV was brought in.

There is high interest in Poet now, but it is not reflected in the share price yet. SV has been righting the ship ever since, and for those who still hang around with this stock have bet that we are on the right ship now. The general market, being skeptical, needs more evidence. The technical part of the market place has already quietly been moving forward with Poet. The NRs of the past few years are evidence of this. DL Shanghai (China Prosper group) and the North American tier 1 company believe in what Poet has.


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