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 Great post, MS.

The Cisco event tomorrow is of significance to the industry and product line POET is seeking to "disrupt". If the speculation on Cisco's announcement to make semiconductors is true, they are targeting the same big data center/tech/comms companies POET has put in multiple corp presentations as these co's hold most of the of the market share for those end products.

This board has been integral to helping clarify that POET is supplying a Tier 1 component maker based in the US with a history of acquisitions, and CISCO is the behemoth there. Oz has provided excellent DD on this too. Other due diligence has yielded many industry connections. All this makes me want to learn more about Cisco's plans and in the near future, POET's.

I would love to know personally if Listwin or his foundations hold Cisco shares since he left the company. Not sure its related yet to POET or the OI, but I do like to learn what others invovled in POET are holding and viewing.

The fact that analysts suspect Cisco may reveal a "switching ASIC" is interesting because it could be something that we examine to compare performance etc, or to see what tech is inside that chip, and the timing suggests that such a chip would not yet be in the hands of customers but perhaps near to that.

A big question that may be related to 2020 activities for POET is how POET plans to ramp production for OI products. Management seems hardly worried about this and with the fab light model and DL sale, I imagine they are relying on other ecosystems (ie of customers) for some parts of the production line?



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