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Message: The overdue update of the homepage...

...shows me , that

  • or they have better things to do as the clients are already on board,  marketing is not necessary, and the update of the homepage is a low priority issue,
  • or that the update of the homepage is something superfluous as a buy out or merger or NewCo is in preparation.

Imagine ,  the President of a public company (Vivek)  presents himself to a potential client or partner today , saying

"Hi guys I am here since 2 months , (not a (simple)board member, but as the PRESIDENT of the company) but sorry I do not appear yet on the  homepage, we are a bit in delay with that , but don't worry , our nearly-ready- to. market-product- development is within the timeline "

What a strange company we are invested in , (but) I love it .

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