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Message: From Prototype to Product

Fairchi, I appreciate your attempt to clarify a relationship that can be, at times, somewhat tenuous.

There a a few members of this forum who have engineering backgrounds or are very well self taught in semiconductor theory. That being said, most shareholders are laymen who have taken a chance on a "disprutive" technology that works in a language that cannot be understood. It is hard to "get stupid" when you don't have the tools of understanding to start with. I tend to think of it more as fumbling with concepts.

The present rendition of POET is light years away from the Geff Taylor, monolithic "holy grail" GaAs platform that shareholders first met. New people, new ideas, InP based solutions and Optical Interposers. It would be hard NOT to get confused and sidetracked as a layman.

While Suresh, who came to us from the private sector (no shareholders) where everyone had a engineering degree or doctorate, might get fustrated with what to him are simply rididulous comparisons, for the layman, the concept of the "4th terminal" is now simply term to describe anything they consider a delay.

There is a symboitic relationship between management and shareholders. Shareholders, in essence, own the company and pay the salaries there in. Management needs to be comfortable within that relationship and, especially with a tech company, be able to "dumb down" the language to a point where shareholder/management conversation is meaningful. Shareholders need to believe and accept that their management has the goods and DOES speak the language.

POET shareholders are expremely fortunate to have, in Suresh, a person who has the drive and the skills to get the tech to market and also an acceptance that he needs to try to learn, accept and understand shareholder angst.

IMO, of course


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