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Message: Very Informative Post (in Off Topic)

Hi everyone, salutations,  I wanted to bring your attention to a simple post from Small Potatoes, it is on the Off Topic Board, Thursday, June 25, 2020.  It is Titled "Cisco", not too many posts since then, so it is easy to find.  I thought it was very interesting, informative, and actually exciting.  It consists of the last 4 presenters of the 24 Hour Photonics Tour, and it is 1 Hr. 7 Min. long.  I highly recommend listening to the whole presentation.  This last segment has representors from Corning, (Optical Fiber), Opto Test (Insertion Loss Testing), Cisco (Opto/Electronic tranceivers), and Lightwave (Polymer Optical Fiber).  It is obvious each presentor is an consumate expert in their field and these last 4 presentors describe their products and field of experitse in a way that is very understandable.  All 4 subjects are directly related to POET.  I must say, the Host has the energy I have when I visit the Photonics Shows around the Bay Area.  Well almost...actually just kidding, although I do try my best.  The host is extremely energenic and charismic, and has a great style, imo.  He embraces each of the presenters and has questions for each.  He totally talks with his hands and you can tell he loves each of the disiplines as applied to photonics.  Not sure how to put it into words.  He makes photonics so very interesting and exciting, even at the end of a 24 Hr. marathon.  Actually I have never seen anything like it, so fun.  I think his name is Jose Pozo.  (where did he come from...so very cool).  Highly recommend it and I think it directly relates to the stuff POET is doing.  You will hear familiar things from Cisco, interposer, planar (flat) waveguides, etc.  I hope it is ok to do this.  I think POET investors will benifit by learning what these companies have to offer in the Photonics Sector.  Please stay safe, GLTA  BT    

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