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Message: Serious competition

FJ : One other key statement that caught my attention.  I asked Vivek a year ago whether POET would consider a licensing model for the interposer and the response was that this was yet to be determined. Seems that answer at this time is no. They don’t need to as capacity can be ramped by POET at little cost to meet very high demands.

I was also wondering about the possibility of licensing since the market for the OI is so huge and Poet doesn't have the ressources to attack each opportunity.  Last thursday, Poet reiterated that they don't intend to license (page 8).  So, I guess they could form another joint venture for a specific market and ramp up the OI production at SilTerra   A cut&paste of the business model they did with Sanan IC for the data centers.  One thing caught my attention during thursday's presentation, on the page where they list the number of employees and patents (page 3), they are also keeping count of the number of joint venture.  Maybe more to come.

On monday, the blackout period from the financials ends.  Some insiders may take the opportunity to add more shares.








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