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Message: 400G FR4 - Remote Light Source (Cisco)


Cisco: The current version of CPO that Cisco is a system using optical tiles and switch tiles at the core of the device with a remote light source.  Silicon photonics provides “tight/dense” integration with the switching chip.  The light source provides multiple lanes per laser.  The electrical specs embody 112G-XSR and the optical I/O is 400G-DR4/FR4, which allows interoperability with conventional optics.”


Vivek Rajgarhia on POET’s LightBar™: “So, what our remote laser, this LightBar, does is provides a remote laser source so you can separate or remotely power up, optically power up, these chiplets”


Suresh on FR4 400G (specifically FR4 400G demultiplexing): “I believe, and we believe, it is the industry’s first wafer-level integration of a FR4 demux—it doesn’t exist in the industry today.” 


David Lazovsky on 400G and our Tier 1 American partner: “What I can tell you is that technically we have a differentiated product that they want and we’re not sure that they have a solution at 400G FR4 without us.”

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