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Message: The big boys

Dash, the overwhelming majority of R/S that failed was due to the company already being on a downhill trajectory and/or continuing to chase a goal that was elusive or, in some cases, illusory. Happens with mining stocks and developmental biotech all the time. 

In some cases, management disengenously perpetuates the dream of ultimate success in order to remain listed and facilitate money raising, thus  extending the doomed runway but securing more years of employment. 

That's just not the case with Poet. If the tech Poet has developed is a concocted illusion, then someone should wake up Sunan and other tech companies with whom we are dealing before they are fleeced. 

The first "failure" that occurred as the result of our R/S announcement lasted about 3 or 4 hours, and the epicenter of that failure was right here. 

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