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Message: Next hurdle?

In my humble opinion the next hurdle is to make investors very wealthy.  

Just to ram home the reasons and eliminate any doubt that bubbles up here from time to time, here are the company's achievements as stated by Suresh Venkatesen.  These are his words, spoken at the Empire Club presentation, but reformatted emboldened by me for clarity and emphasis.

 In my opinion any more technical detail than this would obscure the impact of what was stated  to the average non technicality audiance.  Let's not undervalue their impact to any new investor looking for the next best thing in Optical Photonics.



  1. We have, over the course of 2020, transitioned this company from fundamentally a technology development company to a product development company.


  1. And in so doing we’ve had to validate all of the building blocks of our platform that allow for a product to be implemented. 


  1.  We  have generated several industry firsts:


  • We’ve got the industry’s smallest complete transmit and receive optical engine. I’ve talked about how it’s compatible with both 100G as well as 200G.


  • We’ve demonstrated the best laser coupling efficiency with wafer scale passive alignment in the industry, where we’re demonstrating over 90% coupling efficiency. The best-in-class that I’ve seen is about 40-60%, so we’re more than doubling the amount of light that comes out of the laser and is effectively used through coupling. 


  • We’ve also demonstrated what we believe is the industry’s best fibre to interposer coupling loss, again it’s 95% of the light couples through, so the loss is less than 0.5dB.


  • We’ve validated that we’re the industry’s first flip chip directly modulated laser that meets the 100G as well as 200G application requirements. 


  • We’ve got the first wafer scale assembly compatible Multiplexers and DeMultiplexers for both CWDM4, which is 100G, as well as FR4, which is 400G’s requirement. 


  • We  believe we are the industry’s first hybrid photonics assembly platform that combines the benefits of passive optical filters, or PLCs (planar lightwave circuits), RF interposers and micro optics.

Let's not doubt that these achievements were stated to demonstrate to a high level audiance that this is a company is ready for success in a burgeoning  market of monumental akin to the 'introduction of transistors over valves'. and we all know what that meant to the world - the computer revolution.

Final quote goes to POET CFO Thomas Mika;  'This is HUGE'.



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