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Management team spoke strong words about the platform. Efficient, mass production, inexpensive, powerful, versatile, a lot of optical-electronics product groups for the interposer.... and they speak about a possible future licensing model (like ARM) -> i like it!!!

·        With our unifying hybrid platform, the applications become somewhat endless. As long as photonics are involved and as long as photonics communicates to electronics then the applications that require that convergence all play into the space that the POET optical interposer can support.

·        But the fact of the matter is, regardless of whether it is sensing, communications, and other technologies where photonics and electronics need to co-exist then this platform comes into play. I think the platform is versatile enough that given enough resources it can be put to bear and be utilized in a number of applications.

·        Since we take away a lot of the complexity of placement and alignment out of the equation, the optical interposer effectively enables an SMT-like capability onto photonics that has therefore not existed. [SMT-> Surface-mount technology – mount components directly onto the surface of  the board]

·        It can be applied to anything. Any device you open will have a PCB [printed circuit board] that uses a surface-mount technology. Likewise, the interposer can be applied to anything that requires an assembly of photonics components.


And that could be the future perspective:

SV: Let’s say we have a design kit available and we opened up the technology and basically licensed it to everybody and then everybody could make their own interposers for their specific application and create whatever assembled photonics components they choose to manufacture — that’s how it could work.



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