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Message: Highlights of POET’s presentation at Needham conference

Solid presentation done by Suresh at the Needham conference – too bad there was no time for questions. Some highlights – or should I say “newlights”:

  • Wafers with alpha samples have been delivered and assembly now takes place at Super Photonics (“imminently in the process now of being assembled”, “weeks away”)
  • Multiple mentions of the term “inorganic growth”
  • Numbers regarding the customers pipeline:
    • 28 targeted
    • 14 in active discussion
    • 6 requested samples
    • 3 finalizing project plans
    • 2 contracted
  • Ranges of forecasted revenue out of Super Photonics for the immediate focus of products, i. e., excluding any additional markets:
    • 1–2 million US$ in year 1
    • 15–25 million US$ in year 2
    • 90–150 million US$ in year 3
    • 140–240 million US$ in year 4
    • 180–300 million US$ in year 5
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