Aiming to become the global leader in chip-scale photonic solutions by deploying Optical Interposer technology to enable the seamless integration of electronics and photonics for a broad range of vertical market applications

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POET’s video that will be shown at OFC is complete. It has been a tireless effort by the management team and I believe it will make a very positive impression. Three highlights to tease you:
  • “With POET’s design advantages and reduced assembly requirements, customers are already lining up.”
  • A view of POET’s CWDM4 transmit optical engine operating while wire bonded to a customer’s device.
  • Dr. Suresh Venkatesan: “The invention of the Optical Interposer was an a-ha moment. We were trying to solve fundamental issues in packaging that were keeping cost and scale out of reach for photonics devices. So this invention was born out of necessity." 

It’s been an eyeopener for me to work on this project — not only because I got to observe the technology at work but because I also got to see the dedication and discipline of the POET team. On more than one occasion it was mentioned that rewarding long-term investors is an ambition of the company.

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