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Message: Congraduations to team POET

Thanks FJ for sharing : It will be interesting to hear 

1) if and how may competitors (:-) )and

2) if and how many potential clients (some of them - hopefully - competing with one another)

did participate at the live demonstrations.

In my  best case scenario I am waiting for a race..........Poet said they have a panel of 28 targeted customers (Needham presentation) :


Once the race has started, POET could start to change the rules of the game: POET could increase  the "entrance fee"  and could be allowed by the new client to make public who wants to join the team ..

I am sure  that management will present a  respective OFC summary -maybe  with some feedback they have received -  next week. 

I am very happy AND I am able to quantify the level of happiness:  5000+ video views as of this morning 



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