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Message: Please Read - LotusLand Capital
Dear Fellow POET Investors.
I just wanted to provide an explanation as to the origin and purpose of LotusLand Capital.
As I have openly posted on this site, many of us felt the need to start a separate forum away from Agoracom to discuss our investment without fear of censorship, critique or personal insult.
Over time, we have advanced our investment thesis and organized into a brain-trust, comprised of professionals from many different backgrounds, cultures and origins with our collective goal being for POET Technologies to succeed at the highest level.
As I am sure most on Agoracom will remember, Lebowski101 was banned from Agoracom for posting thorough DD, pertinent facts and information that seemed to conflict with certain hub leaders’ personal bias. There is quite literally no other explanation why someone with this much information should be banned from a site that revolves around such contributions.
But, to cement this point, Lebowski101 is now also one of the most popular posters on Agoracom, but under the pseudonym CelestialAI. 
This alone speaks volumes to the censorship and bias of a very few and the concerns we have collectively for drawing new investors to Agoracom.
LotusLand Capital is a venture capital company formed by Lebowski101. It is currently in the development stage to become our groups organized investor consortium. We are like-minded, driven, organized, and professional people who intend to invest and communicate as a group.
In appreciating the due diligence attributable to the many thorough investors on this board, we are mentioning this now so everyone can move on from this thread.
It has been clearly communicated that POET intends to utilize Agoracom as a go-to site for new investors. We completely support this idea, as well as supporting Adrian in all his efforts to provide improved company communications and clarity going forward.
We also support Adrian’s vision for an ‘emotional reset’ on Agoracom as we believe, as do many others, that the upcoming few weeks and months will be crucial to everyone’s success. It will undoubtedly draw new eyes to Agoracom (we have already benefited from an enhanced social network presence), and we hope that the enforcement of Agoracom rules will ultimately fall on those who can act with professionalism, and without bias or personal interests.
On behalf of LotusLand Capital, we want to emphasize that we are all in this together and all want the same outcome. Working together will ensure the success of our collective investment and the success of POET Technologies.
Good luck to all of us.
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