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2400 hours of testing is more or less 3 months but I do appreciate the fact that they're already working on Beta samples in parrallel of the Alpha testing...losing no time. For now they seems to be able juggling with many projects at the same time.  I think that the fact that we went from 25 employees, 1 year ago, to 47 now will be removing a lot of pressure on our staff and It will accelerate everything.

The most obvious challenge over the next 3 or 4 quarters seems to be the the supply chain in terms of chips du to the worldwide shortage.  In those circumstances, I'm quite happy to have  guys like Suresh and Vivek on board with us.  I'm quite sure that the thickness of their Rolodex and the depth of their network in the business will help us to navigate through this storm.


Things will be interesting till the end of this year.

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