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Marc Lustig did answer my email late yesterday.  He is out of town until Sunday but willing to chat with me on Monday or Tuesday. Basically, he stated two things in his reply: He owns a lot of shares of Poet and 2) He is very bullish on ghe stock.

Marc is on many BOD of private and public companies. He is a well respected guy in the financial community and if you google his name you will se that his résumé is quite impressive.  He was the founder and CEO of CannaRoyalty who got bought out by Cresco Labs last year via an exchange of shares.  Marc ended up being one of the largest (if not the largest) shareholder of CrescoLabs as of today. 

I'll ask Marc his permission before posting here the nature of our discussion since it will be a private discussion.  The main goal of talking to him is to try to exchange some ideas on what could be done (and how it should be done) to try to unlock some value and support the SP. Tom put Marc in CC in his response to my last email and basically what Tom said was: I think you should talk to each other and if you have any good idea, we're open. ( the general idea was that, i can't remember his exact wording ). Depending of our conclusion after our discussion, I will try to get in touch with Adrian and see what can or can't be done. 

I don't know what is going to happen after my call with Marc next week but at least i am trying my best to help a bit.  Sometimes, we have to act and not just stay passive or being vocal at the management.


Have a nice day everyone!


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