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Message: POET Technologies Launches Its Products and Optical Interposer Platform in China to Critical Acclaim

Re: POET Technologies Launches Its Products and Optical Interposer Platform in China to Critical Acclaim

posted on Sep 29, 2021 08:27AM

Derekwpg: This is a nonevent NR. Why put this out? This is so frustrating. 

Respectfully, but you should re-read the NR and watch the video. 

Key highlights in the NR:

its participation in the two leading optoelectronics conferences / exhibitions in China earlier this month generated overwhelming interest and numerous customer engagements in both its announced Optical Engine products and the novelty and versatility of its Optical Interposer platform

Dr. Mo Jinyu, POET’s Senior Vice President – Asia, gave an invited presentation during the ICCSZ Conference which was attended by nearly one thousand industry participants

Among the attendees of the live demonstrations were more than 60 C-level and senior R&D executives representing over 20 companies, including major China-based network equipment suppliers, Tier 1 transceiver module companies, leading optical module and fiber optic companies (several of which are publicly traded), data center operators, and major multi-billion-dollar public enterprise companies seeking to expand into the optical transceiver business. Strong interest was shown in engaging with POET on both a strategic level and in evaluating and subsequently sourcing the Company’s Optical Engine products outlined in its roadmap.

a LightBar designed to connect four separate channels into a single multi core fiber (MCF), a product with the potential to solve key challenges in 800G and co-packaging applications

“Participation in these conferences and especially the live demonstrations made a tremendous impact on the optical ecosystem in China,” said Vivek Rajgarhia, President & General Manager of POET Technologies, Inc. “The companies that attended the live demos now know who POET is and the significant value that we can provide to them. We were already engaged with a few customers, such as Fibertop and their commitment to adopt POET optical engines in their optical modules is a breakthrough for us. Other companies requested samples of our demonstrated products, and several more want to either engage in development contracts that would incorporate POET Optical Engines in their products or have POET incorporate their components into POET’s Optical Engines. Numerous opportunities for increased customer engagement in China, including with some of the largest players, resulted from this effort. I would like to commend and thank Dr. Mo Jinyu and her team in our Shenzhen office, as well as the team from our Super Photonics JV, for an outstanding debut of POET Technologies into the optoelectronics market in China.”

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