Aiming to become the global leader in chip-scale photonic solutions by deploying Optical Interposer technology to enable the seamless integration of electronics and photonics for a broad range of vertical market applications

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Wow. And you believed in this corruption as recently as last week and yet you still exercised more options. Not much a business person are you? 

I actually take great exception to your comment. 
I am in no way a "business person ".
I do however believe in Due Diligence.  Of which includes believing in a concept and a leadership that can deliver on fundamentals and goals they have set out for themselves.  
When one looks back at the history of this company, it's very easy to see why so many if us non "business " people have ended up here.  We truly believe in the technology. And we have believed many of the statements by management which always seemed to be backed up here on Agoracom by "esteemed" posters. 
So I take great exception to your comment.  And I apologize as a lay person for believing in a company that has not delivered on many stated goals and fundamentals.  It's an absolute dismal communication strategy and it really doesn't sound like anyone from the company is listening. 
I still completely believe in this technology,  but am extremely disappointed in where we are today. 
We all seem to be waiting for more "design wins".
Look at the last one and look at where we are today.
Look at LWLG 's presentation and look at ours. 
We seem to have a very significant disconnect.  
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