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Nov 25, 2021 12:46AM

Good stuff.

[AB, 25:50] Going from China over to Europe. What is the status of the relationship with the “Leading European Optical Systems Company” for the 400G data center application? …mentioned in a previous release in Sept. 2020, I believe.

[SV, 26:05] We’re working really closely together. We’ve completed the designs. The designs are running in the fab. We’ll get wafers back in January. We’ve grown this relationship so it’s a couple of different product lines… two different opportunities, CWDM4 as well as LR4. We’re executing our plans. Obviously, this customer is committed. We’ve got advanced PO’s for the product. Their customers are excited about the products that we’re building. That part of the relationship’s going well. I wish we could convert a lot of the other deals we’ve got going as quickly so we can execute the plans there. But, this is going really well.

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