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Message: reddit forum, part 2

At 27:07...Regarding the status of our relation with the Tier1 NA client, Suresh's first sentence of his answer is:  WE'RE STILL ENGAGED.

A bit further he added that in Q1 they are going to have a product THAT MEET SPECIFICATION that was defined. 

So I am still scratching my head as for why so many people were so in a rush to throw that potential deal under the bus.  It seems like the lasers and the filter design issues were adressed and their standard are going to be fulfill.  Don't forget that this customer probably paid us a lot of $, via NRE, to developp this custom product.  So if we could get back to them with a competitive product in term of pricing, energy savings, performance...we will still be in the race to get good business from them. I don't think that Intel or AMD are launching new product lines by creating those products on their first  attempt.  There is a learning curve and of course it's a trials and errors game. 

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