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Message: Another Institution.... Morgan Stanley

Would be nice to know the current Agora ownership.


Right now Fintel is showing 9 institutional holdings at 2.47%. 


Agora holders in the very wide range of 30-60% (according to this rough poll by robvanhooren the forum held approx 25% of shares in 2016). Knowing the huge holdings of some members here (Mazan, Breeze, Lebowski, etc) I think it's safe to assume the percentages have gone up.


So, quick math (lol):


30-60 + 2.47 = 32.47-62.47% held by institution and Agora members.


Institutional Shares (Long) 904,704 - 2.47% (ex 13D/G)
Institutional Value (Long) $ 6,606 USD ($1000)


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