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Message: Updated Zacks Report

Germiston: All I'm trying to say is: there is no conflict in reporting, just a conflict in hopes by the retail community.

That is true. It definitely takes time to go into mass production and that is the path POET is on. Recall what we have been told by Vivek/Dr Mo regarding the interest being demonstrated by the China Telecom group to direct their suppliers to adopt  the POET platform. Sanan management are eager to make money and will expand the production capabilities out of SPX to meet those demands as they are needed. 

I was able to question Suresh on the readiness of the SPX lines during the warrant holder call and all required changes to the optical engines to meet their module customers requirements (the motor mounts) were fixed in place. And he advised that production would be increased to meet the demand as required. It is not Sanan or POET management's first rodeo.

Now what should excite all of us is what POET is  doing outside of China on really very high value products with companies like Lumentum who are building the most powerful and qualified DML’s designed to integrate into the POET platform. There is a reason that POET is focused on producing the modules associated with the optical engines themselves. It avoids the layout changes that are required to meet module maker requirements thus shortening the amount of time required to bring products to market as well as capturing more value for POET.

There are efforts going on that should shine a light on the tremendous value POET has and demonstrate just how undervalued POET is and how this is time for the market to pay attention. The need to get the word out has never been as greater than it is right now.

In the near term I think we will be treated to more announcements of the big players POET is working with.

Hang in there folks there is much on the horizon to look forward to



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