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Hey big baby, don't cry lol 


All the games will be over shortly as these warrants have 31 days to go. Don't forget, the money have to be in the accounts 2-3 weeks before for all the "processing" so the games will be over by mid feb is my guess.

Bottom line there's nothing holding this stock back very soon as the news keeps coming out. They said it would be busy period and we still have lots to get to:

SPX 100-200-400g production and for whom (4 more customers to reveal and probably more as the snowball's seems to be going down the hill)

400g transmit (once this is done, buy some caviar or filet mignon whatever you fancy because they can just swap these in for whatever speed you need up to 1.6T)

Lightbar progress with Celestial or other new players (Suresh mentioned in September)

800g update Suresh was referring to perhaps making a transceiver ourselves or with a partner

OFC product update (this could tie in with previously stated goals above) but I remember Suresh stated he wants to go there with a "showstopper" so I look forward to that as all the big players will be there.



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