Aiming to become the global leader in chip-scale photonic solutions by deploying Optical Interposer technology to enable the seamless integration of electronics and photonics for a broad range of vertical market applications

Message: Multi Billion Dollar Company!

I now have no doubt in my mind that POET will be a multi billion dollar company!


Years ago we used to talk about a time when this company was going to be completely de-risked. I fully believe we are at that point with the announcement of these partnerships.


The more partnerships they announce, the more other companies are going to want to take advantage of using their technology as well in order to not fall behind in the marketplace.


I want to shout out to all of those who have provided great DD over the years. I’m not a tech guy so putting information in layman’s terms has always been very helpful. You know who you are.  


A special shout out goes to Mazan as his financial backing of the company over the years has gone above and beyond.  I’m not sure where we would be right now without his support. 


There are more partnerships to be announced. Hold onto your shares or you will regret it.  



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