Aiming to become the global leader in chip-scale photonic solutions by deploying Optical Interposer technology to enable the seamless integration of electronics and photonics for a broad range of vertical market applications

Message: The Time is Now

Our share price is in the doldrums. 

Required: Wind in the sales or a significant customer and|or partnership).

Management must deliver on prior statements/timelines presently.   

The ballpark timelines should be what was presented in the AGSM. When SV said "on track", he meant POET is on track to deliver on time. Keep in mind thaqt a committed or potential customer can have many reasons for delays in the entire process that are beyond the control of POET. 

I will toss in some things about the Vanguard article:

Vanguard's technology is 3D nano printing of optical components. This is looking like the final frontier for the evolution of making objects small. 

The usage of the micro-mirrors by POET are well documented in and protected by a patent.

In the article, there is a diagram of a silicon chip made by AMF using the Photonic Wire Bonds. AMF is located in Singapore and is a member of the SHINE consortium. The members are into all kinds of materials and work with micro (millionths of a meter) and nano (billionths of a meter) scales.  

When a chip measures nn X nn millimeteres (thousands of a meter), one can keep adding a lot more miniaturized stuff and retain or reduce a chip's footprint.   


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