Aiming to become the global leader in chip-scale photonic solutions by deploying Optical Interposer technology to enable the seamless integration of electronics and photonics for a broad range of vertical market applications

Message: Surging demand in the rapidly growing optical transceiver market.

Optical engines are a primary component of optical transceivers that transmit data between switches and servers in data centers and between data centers and metro areas, and they represent a large portion of capital expenditures by the hyperscale "bigs".

The optical engine contains electronics and controls such as an optical bench and optical, electrical, and mechanical input and output interfaces. Custom design of an optical engine (power supplies for the amplifier, packaging, cooling, control software, user interface, and output optics) must be compatible with the system and designated application. This is the role that Foxconn Interconnect will play with POET, along with the actual production.

Examples of Transceiver Pricepoints from FiberMall:


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