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Message: The Hyenas are circling

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Kath,  I share your frustration,  this boards excellent due diligence and tech information has recently been overshadowed by 8 useless posts from an obvious paid basher, yet you get removed, sad to watch. The leader of the pack claims to be struggling to survive and has trouble paying off his credit cards, he likes to make suggestions, so here is one.... get a job !! Spending all day on a chat forum getting 8 cents a post won't pay the bills and the arrogance of him to post about bullying when over on the SH cesspool he has the nerve to tell one of the few positive posters to " get lost and go back to fantasy land with the dreamers ".

Kath is right... Moderators do your job..... this board is slowly being eroded by the 7 or 8 disturbers allowed to practice their slimy craft.


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