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Message: Huawei already producing 5G base stations without U.S. parts: CEO

See the link to the article below;


I found this article very interesting, especially, the little quotes/tid bits of information from Huawei's Executive's as quoted and provided below;


"Will Zhang, Huawei's president of corporate strategy, told Reuters the performance of the U.S.-free base stations was "no worse", and the company "has had positive surprises". He declined to give details.

Ren said Huawei would still like to use U.S. components if possible because it has "emotional ties" with long-time U.S. suppliers.

Earlier this month, Ren said that he was open to selling the firm's 5G technology - including patents, code, blueprints and production know-how - to Western firms for a one-off fee.

On Thursday he went further, saying Huawei was willing to license its 5G mobile technology to a U.S. company, and that he was not afraid of creating a rival by making Huawei's technology available to competitors.

The offer could also include chip design know-how, he added".




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