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Message: If, then.



1-22-2018  POET appoints Don Listwin to Board.



1-29-2018  Optical Interposer Platform is announced by POET.



2-12-2018  First stock purchase by The Donald J. Listwin Trust.



9-2018  First time Cisco name appears in a POET presentation (slide 6).  In, and of itself, this means nothing, but knowing what the industry is begging for, and knowing what POET is doing, and spending hours, and hours reading Cisco Blogs starts to bring things into focus for me.  Just think about what Cisco makes.



 If Cisco, then this first contract will eventually have been worth half a billion USD by the end of it imho.

If Cisco, then the news of it, and what POET is doing will start a large drive of large customers to us.

Add your own "if, thens" if any come to mind.

Let's get that prototype built, tested by the "massive" customer, and start making up for lost time before we have to create a memorial for posters who died while waiting for the promised land.

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