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Message: Macom

Good find wake and Good Points M.A.

Hmmm, me thinking again;


Mellonox drops their Photonics side completely and sticks to the electrical side.......

- Accelink has a co-developement agreement in place with Mellonox..


Now MACOM drops their Photonics side completely................

- Our new Prez came from MACOM and nine months before came over from Huawei.

- Accelink's largest customer is Huawei


 - Oh and for those that may have forgotten....Accelink and Poet have a co-development agreement in place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh...No......I think there maybe another couple of coincidences here....but I definately would not want to form any type of opinion that would defray our less than positive (maybe a little negative) resident board members here.

Please do your own DD.





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