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Message: CompoundTek/Lumerica... Silicon Photonics Grating Coupler Insertion Loss

 Using Lumerical’s PID flow on AWS EC2, new SiPh grating couplers were developed with a footprint 20x smaller than CompoundTek’s existing coupler and with predicted improvements in performance. To achieve these results, the PID flow was configured to automatically optimize a parameterized 2D model of the grating coupler in FDTD with over 50 design parameters. The optimization goal was set to minimize insertion loss over the entire band while adhering to minimum feature constraints enforced to ensure manufacturability. Figure 2 compares the FDTD-simulated insertion loss of the optimized design to the original coupler for the TE-mode in the C-band and O-band. For the C-band, predicted performance was comparable to the original design with a loss of -2.5dB at 1550-nm. In the O-band, predicted performance of the optimized coupler improved with a loss of -2.4dB at 1310-nm. Achieving area reductions of this magnitude while improving coupler performance is valuable to CompoundTek’s customers because of the potential for reduced manufacturing costs. 


https://compoundtek.com/success-story-lumerical-takes-photonic-inverse-design-to-the-cloud-accelerating-compoundteks-siph-grating-coupler-designs/?noredirect=true (more details in PDF case study on the bottom of that page)



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