Outstanding Opportunity For Copper Discovery in Chile

Exploration In One Of The World's Premiere Copper Mining Jurisdictions

Message: VIDEO: Pampa Metals Targeting Copper Porphyry Discovery In Chile

Pampa Metals objective is to make a major copper discovery in Chile.

They have a portfolio of 8 projects in northern Chile combined with an experienced management team (180+ years ) and a healthy corporate treasury that positions Pampa to make a significant discovery.

Why Chile?

It is a tier one destination for copper, both in exploration and production. Chile is the world’s largest copper producer and exporter, and in 2021 exports reached $53.42 billion. Chile provides approximately 60% of the world’s copper Chile is also home to 7 of the world’s top 14 copper Mines with a stable mining jurisdiction that promotes investment in exploration and mining

Why copper?

The world needs copper as global consumption outstrips supply.
“A new electric vehicle (EV) needs 80kg Copper vs 23kg in internal combustion engine vehicle” Demand is projected to rise by 5% yearly, outstripping supply which is projected to increase by 2.3% yearly. This is occurring while prices are at an all-time high around $4.75 ($5.04 high)

How does Pampa fits into all of this? They are targeting Porphyry copper deposits and these types range in the billions of tons and provide massive quantities of copper and economies of scale when in production. Not only that, Pampa Projects are in clear line of sight to prospective porphyry copper systems, and this is why they are positioned for discovery.

They have a superior portfolio of projects with 100% interest in 8 wholly-owned projects: 4 Active + 2 JV’s with greater than 62,000 Hectares of property.

Sit back and enjoy this great interview with Presid ent & CEO & Director Paul Gill as he explains how Pampa Metals may just be the next great Smallcap copper discovery

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