Outstanding Opportunity For Copper Discovery in Chile

Exploration In One Of The World's Premiere Copper Mining Jurisdictions

Pampa Metals Corporation Photo Gallery
Pm buenavista porphyry target
Buenavista Porphyry Target
Pm charegeability targets
Pole-Dipole IP Chargeability Profiles
Pampa metals copper usage
Copper Usage
Pampa metals copper in major discoveries by year
Copper in Major Discoveries by Year
Pampa metals copper supply gap will exceed 15mt by 2035
Copper Supply Gap Will Exceed 15mt by 2035
Pampa metals copper supply crunch
Copper Supply Crunch
Pampa metals copper supercycle
Copper Supercycle
Pampa metals cerro buenos aires drill test area
Cerro Buenos Aires Drill Test Area
Pampa metals redondo veronica drill test
Redondo Veronica Drill Test
Pampa metals block 4 mag anomaly
Block 4 Mag Anomaly
Pampa metals block 4 recent results
Block 4 Recent Results
Pampa metals morros blancos
Morros Blancos
Pampa metals project locations
Project Locations
Pampa metals block 4  trenching program
Block 4 Trenching Program
Pampa metals redo vero camp looking south
Redo_Veronica Camp looking South
Pampa metals red vero   drilling   2
Red-Veronica - Drilling
Pampa metals red veronica   magnetic drone survey
Red-Veronica - Magnetic Drone Survey