Passport Potash Inc.

Passport offers investors the opportunity to benefit, not only from Passport’s entry into the U. S. and global markets, but also from the favorable trends in the potash market.

Passport Potash Management

Dr. Richard Hunter

President and Director

Dr. Richard Hunter is a practicing chiropractor in the city of Vancouver for over 25 years. During the last 15 years, Dr. Hunter has served as a director on several mining company boards including; GMD Resources Corporation, Randsburg Gold Corporation and Southern Pacific Development Corporation. Presently he serves on the board of directors for Passport Metals Incorporated and Consolidated Dencam Development Corporation.

Laara Shaffer

CFO and Director

Laara Shaffer has worked with publicly-traded companies in regulatory compliance, administration and accounting for over 22 years. Ms. Shaffer is also president and director of Glen Hawk Minerals Ltd., a director of Nordic Gold Corporation (Chief Financial Officer) and Passport Metals Inc. and she also serves as corporate secretary for Yale Resources Ltd., Copper Reef Mining Corporation and Montello Resources Ltd.

R. Tim Henneberry

P.Geo., Director

Tim Henneberry is a professional geoscientist with more than 28 years experience in both exploration and production. His early career centered on production, first from underground precious metal mines and later from placer operations. He has been a consultant since 1985, founding his own consulting firm in 1991. He has served both as a director and as a senior manager and president for junior mining companies. Mr. Henneberry is currently the President and CEO of Appleton Exploration Inc. He has a long history of accomplishments in professional geological assessments, capital management and the implementation of successful mineral based operations.

Gary F. Zak


Mr. Zak has been active for the past 28 years providing Business Development management to public resource companies. He has extensive experience in funding early stage companies, organizing management, corporate and investor relations groups and has successfully completed several mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Zak is currently President and CEO of Bold Ventures Inc. (BOL.V). Mr. Zak was also founder of Forum Uranium Corp., and has been a director of Beaufield Resources Inc.

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