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Message: PGOL March CSE Update. 2 Nevada Gold Property Results Pending. Year End Results Out Shortly

PGOL put out another monthly report yesterday on the CSE. Looks like we are waiting on both Rainbow and Windy Peak assay results now. The fact that the company mentions additional work is being done on both properties tells me that drill results must of looked good from a mineralization standpoint? Otherwise why continue working on the two projects right away. But also past results have indicated that Windy Peak has some good gold potential. Rainbow we aren't sure just yet because drilling hasn't happened on that lease. Because Nevada is the hottest spot in the world for mining at the moment, it's a doubled edged sword. Patriot's assets are more sought after, but getting simple things done like hiring a drill crew or getting assays completed will take much longer. Then we have year end results out at the end of March, which we already know will be good because is a royalty is pretty simple to calculate. Then Q1 results will be out in May, again we know it's good because all you have to do is take 3% of whatever Nothern Vertex's revenue is for their quater and voila. 


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Report on Business

1. Provide a general overview and discussion of the development of the Issuer’s business and operations over the previous month.  Where the Issuer was inactive disclose this fact. 


Patriot is awaiting assay results from drilling programs on its Windy Peak and Rainbow Mountain projects.

2. Provide a general overview and discussion of the activities of management.


We are continuing to conduct exploration on our Rainbow Mountain and Windy Peak projects, and are vetting potential projects. 


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