PlantX is the one-stop-shop for everything Plant-Based

Gross Revenue of $1,489,988 for June 2022

PlantX Life Inc. Profile

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(VEGA: CSE) (PLTXF: OTCQB) (WNT1: Frankfurt)

The paradigm shifting, parabolic growth of plant based foods and a plant based life is unstoppable.  The plant-based food market is expected to grow to reach $74.2 billion by 2027.

PlantX Is The One Stop Shop For Everything Plant Based + The  Digital Face of The Plant -Based Community.

  • E-Commerce powered Plant based platform
  • Plant Based Meal Delivery (20 meals)
  • Plant Based Products
  • Plant Based Pet foods
  • Plant Based Restaurant Locator
  • Plant Based .... PLANTS (It's A BIG Business!)


  • ANNUAL (March 31, 2021)             $6.58M  
  • QUARTERLY (Q3 Dec 31, 2021)    $2.74M Up 50% vs Q3 in prior year 
  • 9 MONTHS (Dec 31, 2021)              $9.65M Up 321% vs same period year in prior year


  • 20,000 items including snacks, drinks and even chocolate
  • 20 unique 100% plant based meals for home delivery
  • Partnerships: Walmart Canada / Hudson's Bay / Amazon
  • Ambassadors: Venus Williams / Justin Fields / Matthew Kenney
  • Debuts Innovative XMarket Café and Store at Hudson’s Bay Rideau / Yorkdale
  • 7+ flagship locations open / underway (Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Squamish, Ottawa, Toronto, Tel Aviv)
  • Acquired Plant-Based Market, Peter Rubi, LLC
    • yearly revenue run-rate in excess of $7,000,000





Why I Went Vegan : Sean Dollinger's Journey to PlantX



PlantX Opens Canadian Brick-And-Mortar Flagship Store 




Bricks & Mortar US Flagship In San Diego 

Though PlantX is a digital first company, it also understands the importance of providing customers with physical locations to enjoy their products and experiences.

The partnership with Liv Marketpace mentioned above also incorporates a specific plan to establish and operate:

  • Retail Stores
  • Coffee Shops
  • Cafes
  • All In The United States, Under The PlantX Name

The first store location is scheduled to open in San Diego with the following features:

  • 4,500 sq ft store serving as the Company's showcase store
  • 5,000 + plant-based products available for purchase
  • Mobile app allows customers to shop and check out products
  • Plant-based education center
  • Plant-based meals by LA Chef Gregg Drusinsky, whom Anthoney Bourdain agonized over not getting on his team

Most importantly for investors, the store will serve as a training centre for future potential franchises.









One-stop shop for everything plant-based

  • Free of Dairy
  • No Contaminants
  • Major allergen free 


Plant-based food sales climbed five times faster than overall U.S. retail food sales


Local Plant-based meal delivery in Canada


  • Meals designed by nutritionists, trainers, and executive chefs.

  • Locally- sourced, always fresh ingredients used to create meals from scratch.




Shop A Curated Selection of Indoor Plants



In the last three years, houseplant sales in the US have increased 50% to $1.7B, according to the National Gardening Association. The plant craze has permeated all corners of the internet.

The plantX platform makes buying plants as seamless as possible. The company ships all across Canada with the intention of expansion into the US.

Original Plant Based Recipes

plantX original recipes that are tasty, full of fresh ingredients, and good for the body and soul. Recipes include dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert!


PlantX launches plant-based cosmetic marketplace (CNW Group/Vegaste Technologies Corp.)

PlantX to offer Odacité products in newly launched plant-based cosmetics section of online store

PlantX Announces Medical Advisory Board (CNW Group/PlantX Life Inc.)

PlantXBloomboxClub (CNW Group/PlantX Life Inc.)  to begin offering its own line of PlantX-branded juices.

Investor Deck


PlantX Announces Monthly Gross Revenue of $1,541,788 for May 2022, And Provides Corporate Update Surrounding Progress Towards Achieving Profitability


Canada NewsWire

VANCOUVER, BC June 13, 2022 /CNW/ - PlantX Life Inc. (CSE: VEGA ) (Frankfurt: WNT1) (OTCQB: PLTXF) (" PlantX " or the " Company ") is pleased to announce that it generated monthly gross revenue of $1,541,788 for May 2022 . Cost of Goods Sold was $1,002,162 for the same month.

PlantX's gross revenue for May 2022 increased by $823,842 compared to May 2021 , when the Company achieved gross revenue of $717,944 net of wholesale revenue, representing year-over-year gross revenue growth of approximately 115%.

"As we continue to experience strong monthly financial performance, I would like to highlight our team's impressive commitment to excellence and leadership in the e-commerce plant-based space," said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin . "We are so proud of PlantX's growth trajectory and our team's passion and hard work, which are reflected by our consistent year-over-year revenue increases. With this impressive growth in mind, we're excited about our current efforts to build towards profitability and are confident that our impressive achievements and expansive as seen in recent announcements position us well to transition into a sustainable and profitable business in the future."

The gross revenue results disclosed in this press release are management prepared and have not been audited or reviewed by the Company's auditors. Unless otherwise indicated, all amounts are expressed in Canadian dollars.



PlantX Announces Authorization of Alcohol License in Chicago and Venice Beach


Canada NewsWire

VANCOUVER, BC June 2, 2022 /CNW/ -  PlantX Life Inc. (CSE: VEGA ) (Frankfurt: WNT1) (OTCQB: PLTXF) (" PlantX " or the " Company ") is pleased to announce that it has received authorization to sell and distribute alcoholic beverages in its U.S. retail stores in Chicago, Illinois and Venice Beach California (the " Alcohol License "). This operational milestone offers U.S. customers access to more holistic shopping opportunities that can integrate alcoholic beverage options as part of the Company's one-stop-shop retail and e-commerce experience.

PlantX is now able to offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, cider and liquor by selling these items directly in its retail stores in Chicago, Illinois , and Venice Beach California . Additionally, the Alcohol License grants PlantX the ability to deliver alcoholic beverages across the U.S. to fulfill orders placed on its U.S. e-commerce platform, while also enabling same-day deliveries of alcoholic items via its partnerships with UberEats and Instacart. As such, due to the new authorization to sell and distribute alcohol, the Company is now poised to tap into the rapidly growing alcoholic beverages market in the U.S., while boosting customer loyalty by fulfilling the demand for alcoholic drinks options in the U.S.

"The new license is a thrilling opportunity for PlantX to tap into a multi-billion industry," said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin . "The alcoholic beverages market reached a volume of $222.6 billion USD in 2020 in the U.S., and this revenue is expected to grow annually by 7.45% between 2021-2025. 1 Even more poignant, there has been an increasing collective preference for environmentally friendly products among consumers, who are shifting their attention towards products that are organic, vegan or free from additives, including alcoholic products. 2 This is fully aligned with PlantX's vision, which now includes offering high-quality, sustainable and ethical alcoholic drinks. This new milestone will undoubtedly forward the Company's efforts to shape market innovation in both the US and Canada , where we have been active in the alcoholic industry for a while."

"We are thrilled to share this amazing news with our shareholders, and highlight the potential of the

new license as an immense profitable revenue driver for PlantX," said PlantX Founder,Sean Dollinger . "We are now able to sell and distribute alcoholic items which do not expire and which our customers have shown great interest in as part of their PlantX  shopping experience."


PlantX Provides Corporate Update


VANCOUVER, BC May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - PlantX Life Inc. (the " Company " or " PlantX ") (CSE: VEGA ) (Frankfurt: WNT1) (OTCQB: PLTXF) is pleased to announce the following key updates describing current and future developments regarding its operations.

E-Commerce Strategy and Performance
  • PlantX's United States and Canadian platforms continue to excel as resources for the plant-based community. In collaboration with Conversion Rate Optimization (" CRO ") and user experience (" UX ") specialists, the Company has been employing CRO and UX strategies that are consistently enhancing website performance through improved website speed and navigation.
  • As of May 31, 2022 , the US PlantX e-commerce platform,, will feature an additional 10,000 new products with no burden on PlantX for inventory investment.
  • The Company's United Kingdom platform,, has added 8,000 new products to the website since partnering with a UK-based distributor.
  • Bloombox Club, PlantX's wholly owned subsidiary and plant subscription e-commerce platform, is now operating in five different countries across two continents.  Since indoor plants are a seasonal product, the Company has been adding more accessories, outdoor plants and plant-related gift items to the Bloombox Club e-commerce platform to address any potential reduction in sales during the summer season.  At the same time, the Company's search engine optimization and performance marketing agency teams of specialists have curtailed marketing spending and restructured advertisement campaigns in order to boost customer subscription activity and improve customer loyalty.
  • Little West, PlantX's cold-pressed juice brand and e-commerce platform, has experienced increased average order values after adding the following two new products in upsell bundles: Vive Shots and Rind Fruit Snacks.
Wholesale Expansion
  • The Locavore Bar & Grill, PlantX's retail location in Squamish, British Columbia , continues to grow month over month and year over year under the direction of its founder, Cory Balano .
  • Little West has been experiencing revenue growth due to its wholesale activity, increasing from US$138,000 for the month of April 2021 , to US$317,000 in April 2022 . A primary reason for this wholesale increase is due to Little West recently securing a new wholesale contract with Alfred Coffee in Los Angeles, California , which ensured Little West's wholesale distribution along the US West Coast. This recent partnership is expected to lead to the national distribution of Little West cold-pressed juices in the coming months.
  • Portfolio Coffee, PlantX's wholly-owned subsidiary retailing speciality coffees, continues to build its exclusive wholesale partnership with one of the top coffee shops in Toronto, Canada . This popular coffee shop has committed to purchasing 1000lbs of Portfolio Coffee beans each week, ensuring that Portfolio Coffee products can be found at each of its location in Toronto. The uptake in Portfolio Coffee's wholesale activity combined with the recent launch of its e-commerce website in April 2022 is expected to boost this vertical's sales by the Fall of 2022.
Retail Strategy and Performance
  • Peter Rubi , PlantX's retail location in Plainfield, Illinois , continues to experience monthly revenue growth and excellent customer feedback. Revenue for the month of May 2022 (US$183,000) increased by 17% compared to April 2022 .
  • PlantX's retail location in Chicago, Illinois , XMarket Uptown, has been fully stocked with over US$500,000 of inventory and has shipped out over 2000+ orders between the week of May 23 and May 27, 2022 . The integration of third-party delivery apps continues to take place and the Company expects this vertical to be profitable by the Fall of 2022.
  • PlantX's Venice Beach retail location, Vegan Popup By XMarket, is now fully integrated within the Company's third party delivery apps and has experienced strong results with no marketing spend.  PlantX is expected to announce its next Vegan Popup by Xmarket partner at the end of June 2022 .
  • PlantX's Israel retail location, PlantX Israel, has recently partnered with Wolt Delivery, a delivery platform, and has experienced significant revenue growth since its launch in May 2022. PlantX is expected to launch Double Zero in partnership with Matthew Kenney (MKC) for the first time in Israel in July, 2022.
  • PlantX's retail store at the Hudson's Bay location in CF Rideau Centre Ottawa, XMarket Rideau, is also gaining momentum after finalizing its integration with two popular Canadian delivery platforms, Instacart and Uber Eats. The warmer weather has enhanced store foot traffic at the XMarket Rideau, and the store is experiencing consistent return customers via its partner delivery apps.
  • PlantX's store at the Hudson's Bay location in Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto , is now fully integrated within Hudson's Bay's checkout system and is staffed by Hudson's Bay employees. All delivery apps for this location are expected to go live during the month of June, 2022.
  • PlantX's retail location in Hillcrest, San Diego , XMarket Hillcrest, has been permanently closed with all expenses ceasing as of June 1, 2022 . PlantX has launched a lawsuit against the landlord due to an issue related to the location's sewage system.
Management Changes
  • Mr. Fred Leigh , the Company's previous Executive Chairman, has stepped down from his positions within the Company.  Mr. Leigh has decided to spend more time with his family and focus on traveling this summer and with PlantX growing so quickly he does not think it is fair for him to remain on as Executive Chairman and be compensated. Mr. Leigh will continue to support PlantX as a special advisor to the Company.
  • Mr. Ralph Moxness , a PlantX board member of two years, will replace Mr. Leigh as Executive Chairman.

"Overall, in just two years PlantX has achieved incredible growth which would not have been possible without the consistent support of our shareholders," said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin . "PlantX is looking forward to building on this growth in 2022."

The wholesale revenue results of Little West and the revenue results of Peter Rubi disclosed in this press release are management prepared and have not been audited or reviewed by the Company's auditors. Unless otherwise indicated, all amounts are expressed in Canadian dollars.



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