Major Acquisitions Reshape and Revalue Power Nickel for a Commodities Bull Market

Canada's Next Low-Carbon High-Grade Nickel Mine

Message: Video - Power Nickel Drills One Of The Best Nickel Holes Reported In Recent History

If you believe in the future of Nickel and Electric Vehicles, Power Nickel is an emerging growth company you need to start paying attention to. They are bullish on the Nickel space and bullish on themselves. They believe they will become Canada's Next Nickel mine.

Why? Check out these catalysts as Power Nickel is embarking on its 3rd drill program at NISK. They just announced one of the best Nickel holes in recent history from their 2nd round of drilling with 40.3m @ 0.88% Ni, 0.56% Cu, 0.06% Co, 1.64 ppm Pd and 0.15 ppm Pt (PN-22-009). There are still over Ten holes that are being assayed and yet to be reported, but even with this early information Power is targeting an initial 8 to 10 Million ton deposit for their updated 43-101 in June.

This would place them in commercial tonnage status, immediately putting them in the spotlight of Mid Tier and Major mining companies. This is a mere 5 months away. Not only that, the company believes that 20 to 50 Million tons is possible within the next 2 years through expansion and further discovery of similar Nickel pods believed to be on the property.

There are very few emerging companies that can compete with Power's timelines and growth possibilities. This is especially true if you believe in the future Green Economy. Nickel is being consumed in growing quantities. The current primary driver is its use in stainless steel where it accounts for 60% of demand; globalization and urbanization in developing countries is also having an immense impact.

Electrification is also very new and creating an new demand for the metal that some believe will outstrip its demand use for stainless steel. Electrification is quickly becoming a primary driver with 12 to 15 percent of of current demand predicted to become 50% by 2030.

Lets not also forget the important role played in lithium Ion Batteries chemistries with 40% Nickel use increasing to 60% by 2025.

The future of Nickel is in the emerging renewable energy revolution and they intend to meet that demand through development of the NISK project where they believe they demonstrate 50 million tones, putting on the map with Voisey's Bay.
The equal pressure of demand and supply positions Power Nickel to grow into one of Canada's next low carbon, high grade Nickel mines.

Sit back and enjoy this great take on the Nickel market and Power Nickel's current and future place in it with CEO Terry Lynch.


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