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Ultimately Developing a District with Multiple Near-Surface Gold Resources along the +30 km Property in Idaho

Message: It seems that we finally getting out

Unfortunately these crooks actually screwed us all. There are so many frustrated shareholders with this company that actually lost big Money with so many misleading information first from Del Steiner and then from John Ryan.
It seems that Del use our money for building Penthouse and later John took out company from him not knowing that company didn't have any money any more so could not pay back money that was taken from pps.
Also we must say that John Ryan was not good enough to be CEO, he is incompetent whatever he wants to say, so yes this company will stay in bankruptcy forever, it is over.
Properties or not but I don't see pretender John Ryan saving anbody from anything.

He is incompetent whatever he wants to say and Del Steiner, shame on you, and I hope that future investors will never throw hard earned money on your penthouse.


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