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Ultimately Developing a District with Multiple Near-Surface Gold Resources along the +30 km Property in Idaho

Message: Everything you need to know about Premium Exploration

Of course John Ryan keeps everybody in the dark until they take money and run! So yes, somebody is asking what happened with Premium properties and here you are:


So all properties are sold to Endomines that actually bought some shadow company called TLV Gold LLC. And the best part to read is history part and you will find that John Ryan actually gave property to this company during the last summer and here it is:

A property purchase agreement was entered between TVL and Premium on 3 July 2017. Under the agreement TVL purchased 91 unpatented mining claims and one state of Idaho mineral lease. The purchase was completed on 10 december 2017.

Actually if you read this report it seems that all properties actually are owned by Endomines company that bought TVL.

On the beginning you could read exactly this:

Endomines signed a letter of Intent with TVL Gold LLC who currently owns the Mineral Assets, and is currently proceeding towards acquisition of TVL. The Mineral Assets comprise the Friday, Buffalo Gulch, Deadwood, Kimberely and Rescue projects.

I don't want to be FBI or CIA here but it seems that these players screwed us all, John probably also get some very nice price to get this scam done. Of course when I read report I saw that actually Del Steiner received millions and shareholders lost all. Is this legally or not is not easy to understand, there are so many games played with so many companies and players. They actually took all money from shareholders and put in their pockets. They never cared about any of shareholders, it was all the game and nothing more then that. I hope only that these 2 names will be remebered for what they have done and that was very bad.

Sorry to all of you and me...


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