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Message: Criminal Minds

When I bought first time shares from Premium Exploration I've never tought that I will try to find what was happening behind scenes. Like some Mentalist or Lightman. So this is what I think that happened.

So in time when John Ryan lied to us that everything is ok they already started to look how to get out and screw all of us that invested money in this garbage. So maybe john Ryan came to Premium Exploration because he had idea about bankruptcy. So the plan is very simple. Together with some friends that will get part of the cake why not to go to bankruptcy. Just think for the moment. John Ryan only want for this company to go to bankruptcy because then all shareholders are wiped out. Even if there is some pmmef symbol out there I don't have these shares becuase my shares not exist any more. After they liquidated us they go out from bankruptcy with all claims and properties and our money but without us. Great plan!

After that John Ryan started to sell Premium Exploration now free from us. So he gets money from Endomines and now from Kopr ventures. I saw that company get $1M this month and will probably get $5M more in next few years. Also get probably some money from Endomines. So that means that John Ryan together with other criminals actually get lot of millions for Premium Exploration that he said that worth nothing before few years. This is really great fraud if you ask me. Why not get Millions for company and wipe out all investors. All money for you.

For example I put for sure $25K to this garbage and they are wiped out but John gets all! Now this fraudster can enjoy in luxury and buy whatever and we sheeple are just looking how this is happening in great system in USA that will probably never investigate what was really happen with Premium Exploration. At least we could look criminal minds on tv and look how in virtual world criminals are going to jail but in real world they have Millions! What a Wanderfull World!

On the end I just sorry for all sheeple investors that was wiped out from these criminals.

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