Turnkey Greenhouse Growing Infrastructure

Early estimates show a greenhouse can produce twice the amount of marijuana at less than 50% of the cost compared to warehouse production

Primo Nutraceuticals Inc. Profile

Why Primo?

  • Landlord for licensed marijuana growers in the United States
  • Brilliant business plan that removes all risk and appeals to traditional real estate investors
  • Converts irrigated farmland to greenhouse-equipped farmland
  • Ready for occupancy
  • Room for expansion

Recent Milestones

  • Signed Lease Agreement with Aqua Farming Tech Inc., of Southern California to Grow 20 Acres of Certified Organic Hemp Read More
  • Harvested 13,000 lbs of Dried Bio-mass from Oregon Hemp Farm Read More
  • Signed LOI to Enter in to Funding and Asset Purchase Agreement up to 100% of "Grounded CBD" Brand, Featured on Dragons Den. Read More
  • Entered into Funding and Asset Purchase Agreement with Thrive Nutrition Products Ltd. Read More
  • Corporate Update on Oroville Campus Read More
  • Signed Production Agreement with Co-Packing Company  Read More

Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018

On December 12, the United States Congress voted to pass the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, more commonly referred to as the Farm Bill.

As well as including important policy extensions for certain areas in agricultural and nutritional policy for the next five years, the bill also confirms the legalization of hemp — the term given to cannabis containing less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — and provisions for its cultivation, transport, and sale.

Early estimates show a greenhouse can produce twice the amount of product and at least
less than 50% of the cost compared to warehouse production.

Oroville WA, Marijuana Production & Processing Farm – Active – Tenant Starts Processing

  • Further to the production and processing approval from the WSLCB announced in the Company’s news release dated September 13, 2019 the Tier 3 Oroville property tenant will postpone the production of marijuana until the spring of 2020 and will focus on the processing of marijuana first.
  • The tenant is currently sourcing premium marijuana through its wholesale market contacts to produce pre-roll marijuana cigarettes.
  • In addition the 28 kg of CBD oil produced from the Oregon hemp farm will be sold to the Oroville tenant for further processing and packaging.

Newburg, Oregon Hemp Production & Processing Farm – Active – Mid-Harvest

  • Harvesting of the 10 acres is going well and is 50% completed.
  • The wet biomass cultivated every week is shipped to the drying facility located in Eugene, Oregon.
  • harvest is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month and may be completed prior to that date

Letter of Intent with USA Hemp to Process 298 Acre – Active– Under Construction

  • Signed a LOI with USA Hemp to process its hemp derived wet biomass from its 298 acre hemp farm in Oregon State.
  • A 15,000 sq. ft. pre-fabricated metal building is set to be delivered in the next couple of weeks.
  • A 15,000 sq. ft concrete slab foundation has been completed and is awaiting delivery of the pre-fabricated metal structure.
  • Upon completion of construction the Company will be able to begin processing the 298 acre hemp farm pursuant to the USA Hemp LOI.

Production Agreement with California Co-Packing Company – Set to Begin

  • Moving forward with the Co-Packing Company, which is a fully-licensed cannabis co-packing and bottling company located in California that operates to GMP standards, further to the Production Agreement  with a Co-Packing Company to produce and process a dedicated line of Cannabidiol derived  products.
  • Co-Packing company has agreed to provide product development, manufacturing, and distribution of the Company’s CBD blended MCT Oil tincture products for assistance with anxiety, energy and sleep deprivation.
  • A minimum SKU order is1,000 gallons or 56,000 units, which will be distributed to nutraceutical and natural health product retail markets via the “Thrive Wellness Brand”.

Project 470 Acres Ltd., Hemp Farm - Postponed

  • Company has decided to postpone the development of the hemp farm in Saskatchewan.
  • The Company effected this postponement so as to concentrate efforts and resources on the development of the Oregon hemp farm, which already has a license to produce and process hemp, and is well-positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning hemp processing opportunity in Oregon.
  • The Company’s board of directors will re-visit the project early next year to determine its feasibility moving forward. 

Mountain Mellow Alberta locations –Delayed

  • Company had entered into a non-binding letter of intent (the "Mountain Mellow LOI") dated April 12, 2019, to acquire a 25% ownership interest in five (5) Mountain Mellow Alberta locations in exchange for cash and common shares of the company.
  • The Mountain Mellow LOI has been delayed due to current stage of AGLC approval for two (2) prime retail locations in the Province of Alberta.
  • Further updates will be announced as information is made available.

About Thrive Nutrition Products Ltd.
Thrive Wellness is a distributor of premium hemp and natural health products with operations currently in Canada and the USA. Thrive specializes in the development, marketing and distribution of cannabinoid products refined into their own natural health product brand. The company was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia and is the first of its kind with national retail distribution in Canada. Thrive has achieved $2,500,000 CDN in sales through retail distribution, its' e-commerce website and their relationship with Nutrition House, Canada's leading Natural Health Product franchise. Founded in 1979 the company began franchising in 1993 and now operates over 45 retail stores, located in high profile shopping centers across Canada, and in the USA.

Development Phases

  • Legalized States - Cannabis legalization is spreading across the Nation.


    Industry estimates show $27 billion in infrastructure will be needed to meet a full legal US market and Washington State alone will need $679 million in infrastructure.

    Market Overview

    • Currently up to 650,000 recreational marijuana users in Washington State, worth approximately $1.5 Billion USD in annual sales.
    • Beyond the traditional uses for cannabis, the industry has benefited from edibles and CBD/THC products for medical use.
    • Upward trajectory of growth in the U.S. market is positively forecasted for years to come.

I-502 License Holders Current Challenges

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