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Message: Peter Pascali Is Canada's Elon Musk - And PyroGenesis Is The Company You Have To Watch

PyroGenesis is the most exciting Ultra High-Tech small cap company in Canada bar none.  You've heard me call Photis Peter Pascali Canada's Elon Musk and that is for good reason. The Company's High-Tech Plasma Technologies already being used by the US Military (to do good things) on US Aircraft Carriers, US Air Force and DARPA.

If that wasn't enough, the Company is now successfully moving into 3D Print Powders - and not just any 3D printing powders.  Ealier today, the company announced "Receipt of Second Order for 3D Printing Powders During Ramp-Up Phase; Interest in Powders Continues to Increase"

I bolded Second Order because the Company received its first order recently from a multi-national conglomerate. ... and the products are still in Ramp-Up Phase. Unbelievable.

When the US DOD and multi-national conglomerates are your customers on entirely different high-tech products, you've reached the 99th Percentile of the small-cap world.    

Do your DD on Pyrogenesis ASAP.  If you're reading this on AGORACOM, then you're already in the HUB and need to get going.  If you're reading this somewhere else, start here ASAP PyroGenesis HUB on AGORACOM.

Don't say I didn't tell you so.




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